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The African Challenge | The people of Maputo!

The people of Maputo

When we change country or continent, as in this case, although we take preformatted ideas, we are always surprised, either by the positive or, of course, by the negative.

And in fact, again, this could not fail to happen. On a beautiful day in November of this year of 2018 I landed in Maputo in the longing to start with my two companions, Afonso Magalhães and Pedro Martins, for the longest and most fearless journey of our lives. And behold the surprise happens! Although the sympathy and the smile of the Mozambicans are already famous all over the world, experiencing them live is a feeling of the least gratifying and encouraging for those who, against all odds, decided to spend 30 days on top of a motorcycle and with it go through 15000 kilometers. Adversities that have already been in preparation over the past few months have been many and that now in this week of startup have continued to continue.

But from the races to the various embassies, to get as many visas as possible and the inevitable final preparation of the bikes, through customs clearance, all accompanied by successive and endless checklists, everything has gone for the best, and this has because of all the positivism that surrounds us, also coming from all these warm, happy and educated people who have helped and advised us in every way.

So I would like to dedicate this start of The African Challenge to the people of Maputo and to thank all the sponsors, family and friends who are with us now and who, of course, will be throughout this great adventure.

A thank you to all.

Afonso Magalhães, Paulo Amado and Pedro Martins