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The African Challenge | The real adventure has begun!

The real adventure has begun!

With the rain setting the start of this second day in Mozambique, after almost 800 kilometers the previous day, we set off towards the famous bridge of the Save River and the most demanding stretch of road so far, where the holes in the road and the lack of tar were a frequent presence.

Meanwhile there were still those who wanted to experience the quality of the Mozambican floor, a feat perpetrated by Paulo Amado, dragging Afonso Magalhaes with him, which forced surgical interventions on the two affected vehicles, stealing there about 2 hours a day, fortunately without consequences on a physical level, in addition to some bruises.

The road followed afterwards and throughout the day on roads that looked more like battlefields.
There was not even a torrential rainfall left in the middle of the road, which left the three happy travelers as they came out of a water tank.

And so he continued the journey all day, probably tracing one of the worst roads on the planet.

With the approach of the Gorongosa Natural Park, the landscape has become truly impressive and with the arrival at the Hotel Kapulana with a direct view to the peaks of Gorongosa Mountain, a truly fantastic scenery.

With 410 kilometers traveled and visibly tired of this day, it resolved the caravan to finish the stage, since the kilometers that follow are, according to information gathered in the place, as bad or worse than the hell already crossed.

We’ll see!