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The African Challenge | The Island of Mozambique

After a day of institutional contacts in the city of Nampula, we were strongly coerced by the excellent colleague João Salavessa to stay another night and visit the Island of Mozambique, where Vasco da Gama has been involved for about 500 years and, in addition to its beauty, is also a UNESCO classified heritage. Then we were greeted by our host on the spot, Mr. Pinto Ribeiro, an island resident and owner of a guest house, who made us a guided tour of the place.

Planted in the Indian Ocean, it is in fact of a unique beauty, surrounded by blue and crystalline waters and with Portuguese quinquennial constructions, this place deserved all our admiration.

Then we went to Pemba for another 500-kilometer stage that went very well and showed us the famous Inselbergs of the region, which are impressive rock formations, some hundreds of meters high and that give a feeling of lunar landscape.

On arrival in Pemba we had already an appointment with Cazé, director of the HELPO Association. Associação Helpo is a Portuguese Non-Governmental Organization with projects in the area of ​​education, social action and nutrition in Portugal, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe and Guinea-Bissau. It is now 10 years of presence in Mozambique, in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado, where it has had a wide intervention, of which we highlight 64 classrooms constructed, 975 scholarships of secondary education, in a support that extends to 19,000 children . We invite you to know more about this organization on the Facebook page: Helpo ONGD

Indeed, the landscapes of Mozambique continue to amaze me for their incomparable beauty and exoticism. A wonderful country!

After a beautiful tuna steak in the company of Carlos Conceição, owner of the Portuguese restaurant Factor T, it was time to sleep quickly to wake up at 4 in the morning to finally go to Tanzania.