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The African Challenge | Finally Sudan!

Finally free from Gallabat customs, we bid farewell to all military and civilian staff, and after a series of photos with our friend Heidi Hetzer that we mentioned in a post on our Facebook page, we set off towards Khartoum.

The mistake of Paulo’s carnet that we had noticed the day before had already been quickly overtaken by customs officials, and after a little lunch in a hurry, we left at 8:30 for the road.

Behind us was the longest bureaucracy of the trip so far, which had stopped us there 4 days and 5 nights sleeping on the floor, for special favor of those people who in the end already pitied us and apologized for the inconvenience, but that it was his duty.
Many thanks good folks from Gallabat Customs!

Arriving in Sudan, the first kilometers were not at all encouraging in terms of scenery, as well as the following to Khartoum, with the exception of a short passage through a mountainous area where you could still take some interesting photos. The rest was just an arid, monotonous plain that only invited them to walk forward.

It should be noted that the lack of gasoline is still here in Sudan, where the few pumps that exist with fuel are logically crowded. So we decided to use our jerrycans and not waste time with unnecessary requests and waits, as we hoped to re-certify everything in Khartoum. It looks like we’re going to get lucky tomorrow.

The landscape has remained monotonous and arid, only interrupted by the view of the Blue Nile that runs near the road a few times.

About 100 kilometers from the capital, with the increase in demography, we also began to notice an increase in garbage, with plastic bags pushed by the wind clinging to the bordering shrubs of the road, which is not at all pleasant.

It should be noted that the lack of gasoline is still here in Sudan, where the few pumps that exist with fuel are logically crowded.

On arrival in Khartoum we contacted our right arm, the Midhat, and we arranged a meeting with him in front of the Regency Hotel, where on advice we will spend the night in a beautiful giant room, each one trying to forget the hard nights on the customs floor of Gallabat.

Dinner was local pizza, which we devoured like wolves. Now it is time to sleep, since tomorrow we will probably camp in the desert.


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