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The African Challenge | Departure from Egypt

The story of these last two days boils down to the attempt to leave Egypt, whether by sea, land or air.
Yesterday morning we agreed with the obvious feeling that the authorization that would be requested in the morning by the official of the Portuguese embassy in Cairo would have serious difficulties in being approved in the climate of insecurity that is currently living in this country. It was thus confirmed at 1:00 p.m. that, although the request had gone to the competent bodies, its approval, as well as being delayed, would have little chance of being approved. To add to this, the New Year and consequent holiday on the 1st, which is celebrated here as it is in Europe, would further delay the decision. In addition, the consular bodies with whom we were in direct contact in Portugal advised against any kind of displacement in Sinai, as the army was walking very lightly behind presumed terrorist cells suspected of the attack and had already begun an operation therefore, the climate would not be conducive to travel in unstable territories like this.

With the problem of Alfonso’s charge resolved, we immediately began to conjecture other solutions. We were informed that there would be a boat to Greece on the 10th, which was still a long time for us, and another perhaps earlier. We contacted you in the morning to find out if this possibility existed and we wait.

Meanwhile the biker friend we had met at the gas pump, Mario, had talked to his father and was seeing the possibility of a boat to Greece, a possibility that would prove impracticable, as will be explained later. There was nothing left but to wait for the next day.

The next day began with the call of Nermien and with good news. There would be a boat already on Friday the 4th, to dispatch the bikes, with us to fly by plane to Athens. Great news. But then comes frustration. The cost of $ 1050 per motorcycle to Greece, plus our plane ride! We were short of tracks because that meant the ruin of the budget.

The cost of $ 1050 per motorcycle to Greece, plus our plane ride! We were short of tracks because that meant the ruin of the budget.

We tried to find alternative ways, but as the forums and groups of travelers had already warned us, the alternative does not exist. With the situation of the attack and the general insecurity that lives in the country, the only alternative by land was barred and the exit would have to be by Alexandria.
We gave up the idea of ​​Sinai and started working to get funds for our crossing and motorcycles.

We have all tried to make it so, but unfortunately we will have to abandon the idea of ​​Israel and Jordan and cover this extra expense.
The trip then continues in Greece as planned.

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